Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dead Rising, Huxley, Prey, Table Tennis, Viva Pinata

I've written up a little something on a few of the games that are going to be coming up.

Dead Rising
Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom Release: Summer 2006
Zombies. Lots and lots of zombies. They swarm, and using anything from a golf club to a cash register, you spill what’s left of their brains before they eat yours. As a photographer in a mall (with over 100 stores), you kill the zombies, saving other survivors as you go. It is in real-time, so if you are hiding in a closet the zombies will continue to plot and do whatever zombies do. Plus, over time the zombies grow more powerful, and are faster and stronger as night approaches. Wether you choose to wait in one place for the whole game or explore and save whoever you can, this game looks like it's going to be a whole lot of bloody, gory, death filled fun.

Developer: WEBZEN Publisher: WEBZEN Release: 2007
This game combines Massively Multiplayer Online gaming with the First Person Shooter genre. It has been tried before, but never perfected. Hopefully Huxley will change that. There are three races: The Sapiens, Alternatives, and Hybrids, and with the exception of the latter all are playable. Each of the many servers should be able to hold up to 5,000 players, and the idea of hundreds of people in a massive online battle, shooting their enemies and planning their attacks sounds, to say the least, awesome. There is still a while to wait before we find out if this shooter is as good as it sounds, and let’s hope it’s worth the wait.

Developer: Human Head Studios Publisher: 2K Games Release: 2006

Prey is a FPS. But it isn’t just go in and shoot everything. There is more to it, and interesting new features like wall-walking and gravity flipping make sure it is fresh and not just another run of the mill shoot ‘em up. Built on a heavily modded version of the engine that powered Doom 3, it will have everything a FPS needs: lots of things to kill, awesome weapons, cool interactive environments, and a whole lot of action. But story is definitely not forgotten, being important and one of the things that makes this game unique. There will be a dark, emotional story for you, a Cherokee man named Tommy. You are just a normal garage mechanic, not sure where you are going next. And then, you are suddenly awakened to your spiritual power from your forgotten birthright by an extraterrestrial crisis force. Abducted with your people and brought to a space ship orbiting earth, you are thrust into action. You set out to save yourself, your girlfriend, and eventually the entire planet. Combining sci-fi and real, authentic Cherokee mythology, the story and gameplay look like they will make for an interesting and exciting game.
There is also multiplayer, and with things like wall-walking it looks like it will also fun and thrilling.

Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis
Developer: Rockstar Games Publisher: Rockstar San Diego Release: May 22, 2006
From the company that brought us such violent games as Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt, and was recently under fire for the “Hot Coffee” mod comes a whole new game. No guns, no sex, no violence, no blood. Just hitting a ball back and forth. There are 11 unique characters from around the world to choose from, and each is highly detailed. Besides being entirely different people they will each have their own styles, which will affect how they play. Plus, it’s only going to cost $40, a full third less than most Xbox 360 games. Sam Houser, Founder and Executive Producer of Rockstar, says it’s as “perfectly addictive in its focused simplicity.”

Viva Pinata
Developer: Rare Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios Release: Unknown
As a piñata, you grow, change, fight, and even dance. Choose from 62 different candy filled animals, customizing your world and your animal. Keep them happy, and protect them from being broken open. You could even play Co-op with a friend over Xbox Live, working together to tend the same garden. You can earn achievements for things you do, and buy downloads from Xbox Live- like that shirt you’ve always wanted to see a piñata wear. And you can make new piñatas when you “dance”, and they will hatch out of an egg (as long as the bad animals don’t break it). I can’t say I’m in any way excited for this game, but I geuss Microsoft is just hoping all those young kids with 300 or 400 hundred dollars lying around might just decide to blow it all on a 360 for this game.

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