Friday, September 08, 2006

Next Dashboard update pictures, and suggestions for UI changes (Update: Added more pictures)

MAXCONSOLE has the first pictures of the fall dashboard update, see them here. The parts of the dashboard that are shown have an improved and nicer look, and you can see part of how XNA will be integrated. According to the article, it will release in November.

I'm sure everyone has ideas of what they would like to have changed and added to the dashboard. Wildchicken, who works on the UI team, has now given you the option to tell your ideas to someone who can implement them: On his blog, he tells you to post your ideas, suggestions, issues, etc. in the comments on this post. He says either him or someone on the team will review what you write, so you will be heard.

[Via Ozymandias, Joystiq]

Xbox-Scene has bunch more pictures, and here they all are.

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