Friday, September 15, 2006

XB Stream - RSS feeds and podcasts on your 360

PG4 just released XB Stream, which allows you to view RSS content and listen to podcasts on your Xbox 360. From the website:

XB Stream in a nut shell is an RSS/XML feed reader/aggregator that works with the XBox 360 video game console. XB Stream allows you to view xml based content feeds (xml, rss, rdf) on your Xbox 360 video game console; you can also listen to podcasts and blogcasts as well. XB Stream automatically downloads and converts text based content feeds into images that can be viewed from the media>pictures>computer blade and hear audio podcasts/blogcasts from the media>music>computer blade

Details on Version 1.0 here, and the download here.

[Via Xbox-Scene]

Here are some screenshots:

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Anonymous said...

Loaded and like it, but although I can put in a video stream URL RSS, cannot get it to show on the menu on the 360. Plays Podcasts (audio) just fine as well as everything already loaded onto my PC. Amazing!