Thursday, August 31, 2006

Marketplace: Over 50 million served

Major Nelson has some new and interesting statistics about Xbox Live Marketplace. Some of them we already knew, but I'll write about them all anyway. So far, there have been 50 million downloads from the Marketplace. A little over 3 months back there had only been 24 million. 600, 000 achievements were unlocked and over 2 million hours of gameplay were hosted in the first week of Madden '07's release. Texas Hold 'em set a record for the fastest download item ever on Marketplace in one day, and in the 24 hours following it's release, every minute it was downloaded 100 times. Since Xbox Live began in November 2002, its members across the world have logged over 2 billion hours. More than 60% of Xbox 360 owners use Xbox Live, and of those 65% have downloaded an Xbox Live Arcade game. That makes for 8 million downloads of Xbox Live Arcade games. Xbox Live members have purchased over 2 billion Microsoft Points. Over half a billion voice and text messages are sent a year, and 1,300,000 every day (A little over a week ago Microsoft claimed an average of 900,000 a day, although this may not be an average).

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