Friday, September 01, 2006

Weekly Arcade Rundown: XNA beta released, Time Pilot on Live, Space Giraffes

This marks the first of what will become a weekly feature. It will cover the week's news that relates to Xbox Live Arcade, from new releases to general announcements.First off, a new game is now available for download - Time Pilot. It can be purchased for 400 Microsoft Points. Next week's release is Scramble, which will be available Wednesday, September 6th for 400 Microsoft Points.
While only one new XBLA game was released, another was announced: Jeff Minter, who created the Xbox 360's music visualiser, will be bringing a game to XBLA. There are so far not many details about it, but Jeff Minter's LiveJournal says it is "a sequel to Tempest 2000/3000. The main character is the Space Giraffe." And that is what it has become known as, although it still doesn't have a real name. It will also come with some extras: You will get "new Neon effects supporting the webcam input as unlockables." Although there wasn't a release date set, it was revealed that it will sell for 400 Microsoft Points.
[Via Joystiq]
Also, as the XNA Game Studio Express Beta is now available for download. Don't know where to start? Here's a Tutorial on beginning your game development. If you find any bugs, make sure to report them so they can get worked out. So far you can't play the games on the Xbox 360, but that will change once the full version is released.

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