Monday, August 21, 2006

Vibrating the controller in video chat (and more Vision tidbits)

The Xbox 360 FAQ on has been updated, and has a little on the Xbox Live Vision Camera. Most of it is stuff I've already covered, but here are a few new pieces of information:

  • The cable is 9ft long
  • To use it on the PC, the following drivers must be downloaded: "Xbox Security Method 3, Version 1.00" and "Microsoft Xbox 360 Live Vision Camera"
  • When the camera is plugged in, you get a "watery background effect" in the dashboard
  • When using the music visualizer, you can play with it with your movement. What you do will have a "ghosting effect"
  • The ring on the front of the camera can be used to focus it
  • In UNO, you can zoom in with the camera
  • You can video chat with someone even if they don't have a camera, and only they can see you (if they want they can talk with the headset though)
  • You cannot send video with your messages, only pictures (which can't be saved on your hard drive, but can be kept in your messages for as long as you want)
  • And here is the most interesting (and funniest) part: While in video chat, you can vibrate the other person's controller with the triggers. I wonder how this could be used? ;)

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