Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Xbox 360 eventually $149-$199

GamePro has an interview with Microsoft's Albert Penello about HD-DVD, PS3, and the Xbox 360 in general. While most of it is stuff that we already knew, here are some of the things he said. The HD-DVD drive will be the cheapest player on the market, and although he didn't confirm a price or release, he said it will "be out in plenty of time for the holidays" and a price will probably be revealed by the Tokyo Game Show or X06. He then said that there were no plans for HDMI or DVI on the HD-DVD add-on, saying that "the reality is, for any normal HD owner, the difference [between the formats] is nonexistent". He said that they may add it eventually though, but nothing is planned so far. Penello then said that an Xbox 360 with built in HD-DVD was possible, but once again there were not yet any plans to do so.
Then he said that "We built the Xbox 360 Core system so that we could get to $199 or $149 sometime", also saying he didn't think the PS3 could achieve such a low price. Although Microsoft is very clear that there won't be a price drop this fall, it looks like eventually the 360 could cost as low as the origianl Xbox.


Anonymous said...

While it's great to stay competitive price wise it is absolutely stupid for anyone at MS to mention a price drop. Once people think there will be a price drop they won't buy your product until it does. Way to un-sell your product guys!

DEITRIX said...

Even so, it would still be nice...

hot zizzy said...

Yeah, I doubt it will get that low anytime soon, but at least we know that eventually it'll cost about the same as the Xbox 1.
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DEITRIX said...

Your most welcome.. I will put your official logo up in a day or 2.
By the way your site is looking great..!

hot zizzy said...

Cool, and thanks.