Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Halo 3: Behind the Scenes video

A little while ago Bungie revealed they were working on a video about the Halo 3 trailer. It is now available on their website, Bungie.net, with both Quicktime and Windows Media formats. They have HD versions for both, and it will be availble in HD on Xbox Live Marketplace in a week or two. You get to see a lot of what went into making the trailer, and the music composing. There are some things that got cut from the trailer, and new angles and views from in the trailer. And the most interesting part: Bungie says, "If you look very, very carefully, you'll see hints of things to come. Nothing too dramatic, but the fans will spot stuff, of that we're certain."

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DEITRIX said...

I will have to go check this out!
I just cant wait to see some actual gameplay footage....

Im going to put a link up to your site here on mine if thats ok..? If you want anything changed(image) or taken off, just let me know.
Catchya' later.