Wednesday, June 07, 2006

New Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter content

I reported earlier there will be new content for GRAW sometime in the future. On the official Ghost Recon website, they give details and say it will be available for download at the end of the month.

Here's some details on what the download contains:

Continuation of Co-op Campaign with 4 All New Missions in Chapter 2:

Coffee Plantation (Day)
Shipping Port (Evening)
River Depot (Dawn)
Jungle Mine (Day)
8 Revisited; Relit MP Adversarial Maps: 8 of GRAW’s favorite MP maps are revisited and relit for a new gameplay experience.
  • Fishing Village (Dusk)
  • Wharf (Late day)
  • Old Town (Morning)
  • Nowhere (Evening)
  • Coffee Plantation (Evening)
  • Shipping Port (Sunset)
  • River Depot (Day)
  • Jungle Mines (Evening)

    2 New Game Types with 1 Game Mode - Team Battle: 2 all new game types add upon GRAW’s long list of available game types.
  • Team Blind Siege
  • Team Battle

    2 New Camouflage Patterns
  • Canadian CADPAT
  • British DPM

    4 New Character Customization Faces

    4 new faces with new camo

    5 New Weapons
    SR-25 SD (Marksman)
    M468 (Rifleman)
    M468/M320 (Grenadier)
    AK-47 LMG (Gunner)
    SCAR-H SV (Rifleman)
  • Go to the Ghost Recon website for a description of the new maps and new weapons, along with more details.

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